Carlotta Thompson

Carlotta Thompson

Former IRS Agent and Enrolled Agent

Tax Strategist & Financial Coach
Carlotta Thompson & Associates

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How to Pay Zero Tax Without Going to Jail

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When I was 14, I remember reading the booklet on preparing taxes and I decided then and there I wanted to work for the IRS so I could help people with their taxes. So at the tender age of 14, I started studying tax law.

I went on to get my degree in accounting and finance at Arkansas State University, then applied immediately for my dream job at the IRS. It took two years to get my interview, but I was determined.

After working for the IRS, I realized they weren’t in place to actually help small businesses and it felt like I was working for the wrong side. I had a bigger dream and mission to directly help small business owners. After about four years, I followed my passion to start a ministry changing the lives of small business owners with a mission of helping them pay the least amount of tax legally possible. 

After a few years of helping business owners as part of ministry, I realized I could help more people as a business instead of just 1-1 ministry. And so, in 2018 Carlotta Thompson and Associates was founded. 

I incorporated what I had learned about the inner workings of the IRS with what I knew about tax law, tax strategy, and auditing financials for small businesses to develop my unique tax planning system that we use in our remote accounting solutions.

In my experience, I have found that there are 3 Pillars to Tax Free Wealth: Own a Business, Invest in Real Estate, Acquire more Businesses.

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