How To Determine Your "Freedom Point": Knowing When to Sell A Business

A talk by Robert Allen
Managing Partner, Acme Advisors & Brokers

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It's not uncommon for business owners to have most or all of their net worth tied to their business. The Wall Street trader's expression for this dynamic is "risk on"- a situation in which you're taking on significant risk.

The "Freedom Point" is when the net proceeds (after taxes and expenses) from selling a business will allow you to live comfortably for the remainder of your life.

A study of almost 10,000 business owners who participated in the Value Builder survey during the past 16 months revealed four significant changes in how owners plan for the future. These changes will have a broad impact on small-business transactions.

In this 50-minute presentation, we will examine the four key factors that can drive value and yield more when selling your business.

Topics discussed:

  • Are you "Risk On"?
  • How do you determine your "Freedom Point"?
  • What should you do once you get there?
  • How will the looming Tax Plan changes impact your "Freedom Point"?
  • How does the pandemic impact your "Freedom Point"?

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Robert Allen

Certified Value Builder (CVB)

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